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La Bouteille Vide (Empty Bottle)

After "A boire et à Reboire", here is the empty bottle!

It's a new series about tasting, but not only.

A format that I wanted shorter, but with more chiseled and effective writing.

Even if the cuvée which is presented to you is always excellent, the latter is only a pretext to tell you about a story of winegrowers, my thoughts on wine, on my region, and thus make you discover the complexity and the excellence of the wines of the Vallée-du-Rhône.

You will find, every week, my videos on my YouTube channel

(By the way, if you can subscribe to this channel, I'll be grateful...)

They are also translated into English, because more and more of you are following me in the United States, England and a little in Australia... And for that: Thank you

Here are the first two episodes! Give me your opinion, because for me, it matters...


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